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When are the Cost Savings of a Serverless Application Architecture in Azure Right for Your Business?

About this event:

Businesses are migrating to the cloud every day to take advantage of the cost savings and the usability the cloud provides. Whether you are already in the cloud, or thinking about moving that way, a serverless application architecture is another area for potential savings in both compute power and maintenance.

In this webinar, AWS and Azure Solution Architect Kyle Weaver will demonstrate how to design a serverless application architecture on Azure for a few common scenarios and talk about the potential savings.


Kyle Weaver Solution Architect, AWS and Azure Certified

Kyle Weaver has over 10 years of technical expertise. He is a Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect Expert with experience in a variety of areas including software architecture, cloud services, project management, business analysis, and team leadership. Kyle’s background in business gives him the ability to identify potential solutions over and above the standard technical solutions, enhancing the process and desired outcome.