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Webinar: Manage Data, Collaborate, and Develop in a Cloud-Based World


Manage Data, Collaborate, and Develop in a Cloud-Based World: Do You Know What Your Business Needs to Make the Transition?


About this event:

The current trend of organizations moving to a remote or hybrid model has expedited the need for organizations to develop their cloud-based capabilities. While the move to the cloud can seem complex and risky, in reality there is a simple path forward to big potential benefits.

In this panel discussion, InfoWorks’ experts will talk about when, why, and how an organization can move to the cloud. If you’re curious about moving your data from on-prem, helping your team collaborate, or developing applications your team can use from anywhere, join us for this free, 30-minute panel and stick around to ask our experts any questions you have.



Kyle Weaver Solution Architect, AWS and Azure Certified

Kyle Weaver has over 10 years of technical expertise. He is a solutions architect with experience in a variety of areas including software architecture, cloud services, project management, business analysis, and team leadership. Kyle’s background in business gives him the ability to identify potential solutions over and above the standard technical solutions, enhancing the process and desired outcome.

Daniel Glenn Microsoft MVP, Collaboration Practice Lead

Daniel Glenn is a Microsoft MVP with more than a decade of experience building technology solutions, intranets, and extranets. As a Practice Lead for InfoWorks, Daniel helps organizations of all sizes solve complex data challenges by implementing Microsoft 365 and SharePoint without the need for customization and costly investments.

Lezlee Owen Azure Solution Architect

Lezlee Owen has over 15 years of years of experience in developing and executing IT strategies in alignment with business goals. Lezlee has experience in business intelligence and analytics, application development, ETL, and data warehousing technologies. As a long-time employee of InfoWorks, Lezlee has worked in various industries including financial, healthcare, and non-profit.