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Business Management Solutions in Nashville


People and Strategy
Whether you are trying to solve for reduced attrition, effective onboarding, stakeholder engagement, or even organization-wide cultural shifts, InfoWorks will deliver. We know that human capital problems rarely have one quick fix. InfoWorks’ People & Strategy consultants are able to assess a client’s needs and deploy a flexible, multi-faceted resolution that gets at the heart of the business outcome. Your challenges are complex. We want your experience to be simplified. We’re here to do the heavy lifting.  Our team-resourced approach ensures clients renewed reactivity to areas of need, increased depth of knowledge, streamlined vendor relationships, and a true partner in success.


Business Transformation
Change in business is always accompanied by a period of adjustment for your internal team. Having a professional guide can bring clarity and confidence to an organization in transition. Moving internal structures to sustainable business models first begins with understanding your market and competitors. To enable a smooth transition and minimize impact to your clients or operations, we engage key stakeholders in proactive planning to identify challenges and opportunities well before they are encountered. We then work with you to build transformation frameworks and action plans, communicate and train effectively for transition, and drive activation and ultimate adoption of the change.


Process and Workflow Improvement
With the continuous advancement in technology, process and workflow improvements are sometimes overlooked, and yet are important to realizing value. In some cases, process changes have proven to be the most impactful contributions to revenue and profit improvement. That’s why our resources leverage Lean and Six Sigma methodologies to formulate changes in business operations that drive optimization of resources and technology.


Role-based Work
Even smaller, specific needs can be critical. For clients with specific capacity building needs during periods of growth or special initiatives, we provide an experienced consultant to assist with a specific role-based need. Our resources help you get the job done quickly and with reduced risk, by activating our subject matter experts, project managers, business analysts, and developers.


Stakeholder Engagement and Activation
Gauging the impact of all interactions that influence market perception and driving effective adoption of change inside a company is priceless in terms of realizing long-term success. We work with project sponsors to define key stakeholders and assess readiness, determine effective approaches and engagement models to ensure that critical relationships remain strong and positive, and increase overall participation and program or business unit ROI.


We work side-by-side with key stakeholders to develop communication strategies and execution plans to provide a blueprint for how information will be exchanged. In our communication artifacts, we include key audiences and needs, determine appropriate artifacts and methods to adequately activate all audiences, and develop and implement action plans to effectively execute.


New initiatives or business units live or die based on an organization’s ability to implement and sustain process changes. With the success of your future state in mind, we create roadmaps that drive implementation, and work with organizations to build and implement training plans to increase employee adoption and enable activation of all key stakeholders.