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Advanced Analytics Solutions in Nashville 


Data governance and DATA management
Managing data and information is a business activity rather than a technology activity.  Proper management of data starts with a strategy that puts data in the hands of people at the right time, in the right place, for the right cost.  Accomplishing this at scale takes proper governance and discipline to lay the right foundation to unlock the power of your data for years to come.


InfoWorks works with your organization to design a data model that supports modern analytics requirements including large read data volume, multiple levels of data aggregation, and business user data model understandability. We also support requirements for NoSQL repositories, unstructured data, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Artificial Intelligence (AI). InfoWorks can implement a scalable data infrastructure to support the data model, create Extraction Transformation and Load (ETL) logic to populate the data store, and establish operational procedures to keep your data consistent and up-to-date. Our developers and data scientists can create reports, data visualizations, interactive dashboards, and AI algorithms to help your team gain new insights from your data.


The right nugget of information at the right time can enable an organization to maximize insight, impact, and influence. Data science leverages several tools, including analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Natural Language Processing (NLP), patterning, and data modeling, to extract timely and valuable perceptions from data stores. InfoWorks can provide expert guidance and collaborative assistance in the selection, development, and implementation of the appropriate data science mechanisms to enable your team to succeed in the current data-driven environment.


Data Strategy
Timely access to information and advanced analytics allows organizations to make better decisions, but the lack of a well-defined centralization strategy and lack of data governance will lead to data siloing and information overload. Organizations can unlock enterprise knowledge from their data if they will take the proper steps to align their business around strategies to meet customer wants and organizational needs. An enterprise data strategy supports both the data and the consumption of the data based on the business needs of the organization. InfoWorks can help guide the right level of governance, set a data strategy that works, and unlock the potential of self-service analytics, allowing your business to thrive.


Great data visualizations communicate complex ideas with accuracy and clarity.   We help you design and develop meaningful and intuitive self-service analytics solutions so that your team can focus on high value activities.