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Tips for Improving Your Lean Initiative by Applying Effective Change Management – A Powerful Partnership You Can Form

by: Alan Taylor

Generating process efficiency through lean methodologies involves people change, and ignoring the people aspect is a frequent cause of lean project failure.  Coordination of lean and change management tasks adds value to the overall result as people and process efficiency are highly dependent upon one another. The basics of the two methodologies and corresponding tools integrate easily and naturally.  The figure below illustrates this integration....

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Creating Champions Out of Change

by: Mike Kroeger

The idea of change management is simple: engaging employees so that they adapt to organizational change. Although an easy concept to understand, several factors play into successful change management. For now, let’s focus on an area that is arguably one of the most important – the change champion. A change champion is someone who understands the benefits of the organizational change being made to the...

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Good Use of an Old Thing: A Look into ADT Messages

by: Dustin Wuest

Health Level 7 (HL7) is a set of international standards that have been around since the early 90s. They are used for the transfer of clinical and administrative data from one system to another and are a result of the technical side of the house saying, “this is the way we intend on communicating data about a patient from one system to another.”  ADT messages...

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Lessons in Driving Value

by: Meredith Ficken

As consultants, we frequently find ourselves in situations where we must describe, demonstrate, or even quantify the value we are bringing to the table. We have become accustomed to answering questions like Why is this role a good fit for an outside resource? or Can you help me understand the ROI? While questions such as these may be more commonplace in a consulting environment, they...

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Is Your Organization Ready for Change?

by: Lane Newsom

Change at an organizational level typically brings along some level of performance disruption.  Whether there is a process change that requires developing new routines for your front line employees, or a learning curve associated with a new customer relationship management system for your sales team, there is usually a temporary drop in performance compared to the status quo.  This temporary disruption can be minimal, or...

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Helping Clinical Practices Move to the Medical Neighborhood

by: Anne Nita

In the United States, the healthcare system is perceived to be the key driver of health and health outcomes and usually serves as the focal point of efforts to improve health. However, transforming the healthcare delivery system in and of itself may not lead to the desired improvement in health outcomes.  Research demonstrates that improving population health and achieving health equity also will require broader...

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Reporting Physician Quality to Medicare as an Accountable Care Organization

by: Kristen Webb, M. Ed., Lean/Six Sigma Certified Green Belt

Even among healthcare professionals, reporting physician quality can often be a confusing subject. Different entities have different quality requirements, and even within a single organization, different programs require reporting for different measurements to satisfy payment goals. Of course, as federal standards are often used as a baseline for all other programs, the Center for Medicare/Medicaid Services (CMS) requirements are most frequently discussed and, just as...

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Is Your Changing Market Environment Putting Pressure on Your Process Effectiveness?

by: Laura Buchanan, RN, BSN, MBA

Are your processes stagnant? Has your external environment shifted on you, requiring a review? Or, are you in need of a mini-process improvement methodology to help refine some of your work processes?  In coaching physician practices on transformation activities, many practices are using a quick and easy process improvement strategy taught by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI). This methodology is called PDSA.  PDSA stands...

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Moving in: How a Change in Location Affects More Than Your Address

by: Matt Dolson

To many of my friends, I am known as ‘the friend with a truck’. Many of you may be grinning, as you know this means I am the personal mover of choice whenever a friend is moving somewhere new. Needless to say, I am experienced in helping people organize themselves in a new space and in enhancing their ability to acclimate. Most recently I worked...

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Weight of the World

by: Laura Buchanan, RN, BSN, MBA

With all of the changes and challenges in healthcare today there is the sense of having the weight of the world on one’s shoulders. Whether you’re a CEO, CNO, COO, CIO, Middle Manager or front line supervisor, your plates are full already and you’re being required to take on more responsibilities. You ask – where am I to find the time to do one more...

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